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Zhao Ding statue

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      The southern song dynasty's anti-jin prime minister zhao ding, the shanxi people, yue fei's teacher, precisely because of his carefully cultivated the rise of yueyang army. This statue, his hair scattered, the eyes of the grief, the left hand clenched fist, the right hand clap case, his sorrow and anger, passionate feelings, very much god. In 1138, the southern song dynasty was forced by the military pressure of the golden state, and many people advocated the summation of the land, but zhao ding firmly opposed the surrender of the traitors, led by qin hui, and was hated by qin hui. When qin hui became the prime minister, he took the crazy revenge behavior of zhao ding and kept on trumpeting the charges. He also dismissed zhao ding as a demotion, then exiled to jiyang jun (now sanya). In the jiyang army, qin hui still wanted to murder him. In order to avoid dragging down family and friends, zhao dingming made the tomb Ming "on the back of the pan, and he made the mountain river strong and strong." The hunger strike died, and the cemetery was buried in the old state village of dongfang county. In the history of China, zhao ding was a tragic figure, but his great spirit was praised by the later generations. Haikou wugong temple listed it as one of the "five public", for the memory of future generations.