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National scenic spots, national AAAA class tourist attractions, national eco-tourism demonstration area

       Ultima Thule is located in Sanya city 23 kilometers southwest of the beautiful tropical seaside scenery, long history and unique historical culture and famous. At the same time, she is also the first beautiful brand of Hainan province 20th anniversary, good 60th anniversary benchmarking enterprises the first brand in Hainan and the Hainan tourism system pioneered the establishment of new China.
      In December 1984, Sanya city officially established Ultima Thule management office, which was managed by Sanya tourism company. The tour in the remotest corners of the globe blue sea, Castle Peak, white sands, Ju Lei, reef, waves, coconut trees all blend into one harmonious whole, Ou Yan, Yu fan, clouds reflect the formation of the unique point lining, Southland coconut Rhine, attracted a large number of tourists come here.
      "Ultima Thule" traveler of foreign guest melancholy complex. After thousands of years of past and future accumulation, this idiom has accumulated rich and profound cultural connotations. The charm in the sea the moon puket "," the horn, remarkable half our friends are scattered and other poems, and the remotest corners of the globe sightseeing areas carrying culture image as a graceful.