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“the Sea Rising Against the Sky in the South”wall

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The 300th anniversary of the south day, which was unveiled in November 2014, marks the 300th anniversary of the "sea award", as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties in 2014. Our right hand side (pointed to the sea "sea to south day" carved stone) in the "sea to south day" stone carving is the 53rd year of the reign of kangxi, namely from 2014-1714 A.D. 300 years ago, the qing court sent qin day prison facial features is MiaoShou, Richard Francisco courtyard la generation and French scientists Shang Shangxian to cliff state observation point cutting "sea to south day" stone carving, is one of the important monuments, kangxi astronomical geodesy become a junior high school the eighteenth century witness the history of science and technology exchange. From 1708 to 1718, the astronomical geodesic survey, which was carried out between 1708 and 1718, was an unprecedented event in the history of mapping and mapping in China and the world. Using triangle, astronomical measurement method, emperor kangxi to French scientists bouvet, jean-baptisteregis, gustavo dudamel, Shang Shangxian, Germany mannoroth, feng Joseph DE mailla and remote mountain deep, Austrian fridelli and Portuguese cordoso surveying and mapping, together with Chinese officials Yu Kangxi 57 years to complete the qing emperor and overview diagram drawing.

We see the left hand side is embossed with a design of memorial wall from France beauvais factory creation in the late 1680 s, "the history of the Chinese emperor" series of brocade in the tapestry, depicting the kangxi emperor and French scientists study astronomical measurements.