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the Sea Rising Against the Sky in the South

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"the Sea Rising Against the Sky in the South" carved is the earliest of the tianya haijiao tourist area. As early as the ends of the earth is not here, Song Yuanshi belongs to guangdong jurisdiction at the time of qinzhou "tian-ya pavilion" and hepu states are the "cape pavilions", at that time the ancients believed that China's correspond to China's southern south China sea, the southern area is refers to the sun, or just south of the tropic of cancer. The qing emperor kangxi according to Kong Ziru via the history redrawing the boundaries of the southern, according to research found that "sea to south day" inscribed copy is in the qing dynasty emperor kangxi years, for the first time in the history of Chinese national map (< emperor and overview diagram >) marks left by measuring latitude surveying and mapping activities. Between 53rd year of the reign of emperor kangxi (1714), appointed minister of the qing dynasty emperor kangxi to seedlings, la generation, and the angel of Louis xiv of France emperor jesuits Shang Shangxian, three times in the chair and cut open the stone carving of surveying and mapping to write four Chinese characters "sea to south day". "Sea" refers to the south China sea, "sentence" is the meaning of, "sea to south day" is to the south China sea is divided into the south China sea and south the meaning of the day, as we all know China is called Chi County shenzhou, and the meaning of "sea to south day" is the dividing line between heaven and earth of Chinese territory, for Chi County south, north of China.