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Moon stone

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On the surface of the sea, there are two huge stones standing over each other. They are inscribed with the two words "day" and "moon". It is the original "people's Daily" editor in chief Fan Jingyi wrote. Two stone a "heart", xiangyixiangwei. Around these two stones, there are many beautiful love stories, so it is also called "love stone"". In the 1986 edition of the TV series "journey to the west", Sun Wukong jumped out of the stone seam and filmed the scene. At the same time, the moon and the moon stone are also eternal testimony of love, friendship and affection.

In addition, the "moon stone" is also called "Yuanyang stone". About "Yuanyang stone", there is a wonderful legend. The story said before in the champion Hat Mountain, a young man Li Po saved a young woman bitten Han Abbe, two people therefore have a love. However, when the Han Li is discrimination against people, Paul matchmaker to Abbe's home to propose, not only, but was beaten abbe. So the two meet each other on a bridge every night. However, the father with good times don't last long, Abbe burn that bridge, Po and Abbe went across the river. Their sincere love moved the fairy in the sky. The fairy fairy, Baicao Sargentgloryvine built a bridge, so they rejoined. Two thanks to the sky fairies and fairy Baicao hopes to become a bird, Yuanyang, as long as you can in pairs together, never separated. At this moment, the Abbe's father with a group of people chase, Po and Abbe Jianshibumiao, he said: "by common consent can not be the same, but with the dead." Finish saying, embrace to jump into a river. The second day, the river appeared two blind lovers want to love, people say that this is po and abbe. The pair of lovers from the river swim into the sea, and swim from the sea into the river, breeding a lot of descendants, became the ancestor of the Mandarin duck. Six hundred and sixty years later, they met in the remotest corners of the globe play, came to earth from heaven of Guanyin, turning them into a stone on request.