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Star of the earth

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On the night of June 3, 1997, astronomical observers at the National Observatory, Hebei's booming Observatory, discovered an asteroid, temporarily numbered 1997LK. In July 14, 2002, the international Minor Planet Center officially granted its permanent official number 9668th. In November 2006, after the approval of the International Astronomical Union's Committee on the naming of small objects, the National Astronomical Observatory officially named the international asteroid, No. 9668th, as "the star of the earth."". In order to commemorate it, in 2008 here set up "the ends of the Earth Star" memorial sculpture. The sculpture was created by Professor Jiang Zhiqiang of Xiamen University. The sculpture is made of stainless steel, the sculpture image features of ancient astronomical instruments - armillary sphere, the equatorial theodolite, into astronomy elements, there are three arcs, representing the "Meridian" and "declination ring" and "red ring". The center of this crystal star system on behalf of travel in the cosmic "in the remotest corners of the globe star", reflect it is contained in the boundless universe; the book of gossip sculpture square form, sculpture base semi arc earth Chinese map in Sanya prominent position, that vast territory of the motherland in Sanya this beautiful bright the Pearl of the South China Sea and in the universe the dazzling "star of the remotest corners of the globe" intersection. The pool of surrounding ground decorated 24 toad statue, representing the celestial equator coordinates the red ring of "24" scale and Chinese lunar 24 solar term meaning of heaven, and all the meanings of prosperity. The sculpture reflects Sanya people's good wishes and wings of one heart and one mind, all rivers run into sea hospitable, noble quality. "The ends of the Earth Star" memorial sculpture and the blue sea and the sea "moon god stone - love stone" integration, constitute the "sun and moon stars, add radiance to each other," the magnificent landscape.