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Great Southern Pillar

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A stone tower, about 7 meters high, like a ship side rises on a "ketch". Look at the front, like a God stands in this column, and let the firm and indomitable of indomitable spirit, stand down, scouring the tempestuous waves, we see the "pillar" stone back on the sea, Qingtian pull, independent southern trend. Historical records: the Qing Dynasty Xuantong period, is also 1911, fan Ya Zhou known many feelings often from the ladder here, see this stone is so vast, upright and outspoken, heart made a "day official, for the life of the people" oath. In 1909, van YUNTI was transferred to the cliff Zhili governor, said the spring festival that year, he posted a couplet written in the city: Yamen in one day, as a heliocentric, self selfless strict law enforcement, as the authorities dare pass homes; let a feeling, a bit said, everybody to have good business volume, Mo in the door to the public. The scenic "Tianya culture garden" is a semi complete pair of couplets, which is: "such a beautiful land just south of the Arctic, the future weather actually Xiongzhou maritime civilization." By the time of "Xuantong two moon", is inscribed "right cliff Zhili Yongan fan yunti". "Couplet with the 'pillar' font style, especially the" south "and" south "is simply the same handwriting!" At the end of the Qing Dynasty emperor ascended the throne, decadent, suffering from imperialism. At this critical occasion, fan ladder painstaking efforts of Hainan Island, Hainan Island hope can become a Qingtian Yuzhu called motherland, the inscription "pillar" in stone above, to pray for peace and prosperity, the policy Everything is going smoothly., have ample food and clothing. Southern pillar is independent of Shi Lei, standing in the South China Sea, the magnificent, but also for the tenderness of the sea adds a bit strong. "Pillar" lithoglyphs which which has been one hundred years of history. After the tour, Guo Moruo wrote the poem of "one pillar of South Heaven, standing with each other", expressing the emotion in his heart.

About Nantian column, there is a beautiful legend. Long long ago, the Lingshui sea area Leann billows earthshaking, people living in poverty. The two fairy queen's know secretly himself, conduct in the South China Sea, for the local fishing boat fishing means. The queen mother angry, sent thunder thunder mother caught them back, two people refused, as Shuangfeng stone, were split into two parts, a drop in Leann near the sea, a fly to the end of the next to become today's "Great Southern Pillar".