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Tianya stone

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Tianya stone are signs and symbols of the scenic spot is 10.8 meters tall, circumference of about 66 meters, mountain alongside sea tianya stone circle in the square, square in a circle, facing the east Solid and exclusive bay, has a history of one hundred million years, has a rock solid Yongzheng five years, cliff state the year Cheng Zhe pitch heaven and earth Far out at sea, in the heart, carved on a big rock the world Cheng Zhe for jiangnan increased (she) county, yongzheng two years to five years on the cliff state keep ren He is not only a cliff state officials, celebrities or huizhou, home is the qing dynasty famous book Ancient ceramics is said Cheng Zhe appreciate classical porcelain wares Rapidly KeShu Cheng Zhe seven little book hall has more than 30 kinds, down more than 660 volumes Especially for three times its Wang Shizhen essence issue brought up complete, seiko, as a model of the history of print At the end of the world Stone directly with the brighter The four Chinese characters Is rumoured by literati in the late qing dynasty, but the person that inscribed copy and inscribed copy time remains to be proven.