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Cape stone

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The sea stood huge granite, high Japan Indomitable spirit Is made of bronze or iron wall stands in the south China sea the sea, as the general secretary jiang zemin on December 22, 2000, the third to the ends of the earth's sense: and let him come to me from the place The highest inscribed copy on rod ends of the earth, and the end of the world 2 words echoed, constitute a complete set of the ends of the earth among the cape stone on the back of the stone to build a fort in October 1938, after the fall of guangzhou, the kuomintang general wang reimbursing, President of qiongya garrison commander, is responsible for the defense of qiongya on January 8, 1939 in Ma Ling now tianya town held six thousand oh ShaXie cemented strength mobilization meeting, wang yi to oh to training, the plebeian inhabitants are called on to unite, common anti-japanese after came to dismount ridge beach, carved the cape on the stone on May 10, 1939, general wang yi led his men came to peace in the conunty participates town on the edge of the slope by the river cascade stones to encourage morale, to write down the general BaoZhan emotion War can only save stone carvings This two stone carving herald a new, named as wang promontory, an island A piece of land is after one hundred million years of earth's crust change, from a small horn began to grow up.