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Good luck tianya Road

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       As said before, everyone have their own mind the end of the world As the time and space transformation, the ends of the earth to travel in today Already is the fashion to travel, is the symbol of happiness, good luck, is a good place for release mood feelings, especially good luck love and express romantic love the holy land To look ahead, where the blue sky, picturesque, adumbrative our life is full of beautiful vision! Beauty is take in everything in a glance, ancient times, due to far away from the central plains, the ancients to the whole hainan island as the ends of the earth But the current hainan can release the end of the world culture, of course, also is our ends of the earth Not only is the symbol of hainan tourism today and landmarks, and highlight the ancient vicissitudes of life on hainan island Hainan island culture representative scenic spots are the ends of the earth The ends of the earth is also the concentrated embodiment of hainan island culture and history.