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Lovers tree

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Tagore, the Indian poet who won the Nobel Prize for literature, has a famous poem called the furthest distance in the world. Not the distance between the tree and the tree; It's a branch that grows in the same root; But not in the wind. Look in front of us both of the world's most happiness of the coconut tree, the trunk rely on each other, YeYe blend each other, telling each other love each other, happy and sweet life, I want to "in the day to do a pair of lovebirds, on earth two trees with branches interlocked forever" say is this kind of stay together! So we call it the "love tree" or "husband and wife tree", which is the symbol of love and beauty. This view is one of the best views of our hainan coconut breeze. Don't miss the chance to take a photo with them and take photos together.

In the tianya-haijiao tourist area, there are several special coconut trees scattered throughout the beaches, which are affectionately known as "crooked palm trees". They were once blown by a typhoon, but they stubbornly continued to grow. The lower part of the trunk of the tree was angled with the ground, and the upper part of the trunk pointed to the blue sky. Because they are different, they have added a certain kind of spirit of the spirit, the upper picture rate is surprisingly high, become a representative plant spectacle of the end of the earth.

Comparable to tropical plants are these stones on our left. The plants are the garden workers of the scenic area, the workers are carefully cultivated, and the seaside ones are dotted with different shapes of rocks, which are the gods of nature.